Connecticut Civil Litigator Delivers Results-Oriented Representation

Knowledgeable Waterbury attorney represents plaintiffs in employment, contract and other disputes

Civil litigation is the legal process in which disputes between parties are resolved in settlement negotiations or in court. At Holmes Law Offices in Waterbury, I deliver responsive legal representation to clients who are pursuing damages, defending against unwarranted claims and seeking other types of relief. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, I provide strong advocacy in lawsuits involving breach of contract allegations, unemployment appeals, civil rights actions, workplace discrimination matters and unpaid wage claims. My firm also represents Connecticut residents in personal injury cases, including those stemming from vehicle accidents and medical malpractice. Regardless of the particular dispute, my firm uses a results-oriented approach and works to resolve issues favorably and without unnecessary delay.

Experienced litigator represents clients affected by breach of contract

Contracts are intended to protect the interests of all parties who enter into an agreement. When the terms of a contract are breached, however, the party who was adversely affected has a right to legal recourse. At Holmes Law Offices, you can expect to receive a vigorous legal response that encourages a favorable outcome. I handle all types of breach of contract cases, including those that involve conditions of employment.

 Under Connecticut law, the following elements must be present in a breach of contract case:

  • The formation of an agreement
  • The performance by one party
  • The breach of the agreement by another party
  • Damages

 I will thoroughly review your case and advise you on the most feasible course of action for recovering compensation that fully addresses the harm caused by the breach.

Skillful lawyer handles a full range of defamation actions

False statements can cause significant harm to one’s reputation or business, especially in today’s world where defamatory claims stay online forever. Whether the allegation stems from statements by an employer, spoken slander or libel that is printed or published online, my firm delivers sound counsel for your defamation claim. I will analyze the circumstances in light of the pertinent legal provisions and help quantify what damages might be appropriate for the given situation. From there, I’ll vigorously pursue a favorable outcome in a verdict or settlement.

Accomplished firm assists people whose civil rights have been violated

When a civil rights violation occurs, enforcement is not automatic. Many violations of federal and state rights go unpunished. Retaining an attorney with a strong track record in this area gives you the best chance to achieve justice. I’ve won substantial recoveries for clients in cases involving free speech infringement, discrimination and other illegal activity by authorities. Whether your situation arose from police misconduct, bias in housing or a different breach of your fundamental rights, I can help.

Proven advocate advises on infliction of emotional distress claims

Many disagreements involve some level of emotional distress. In personal injury cases, mental anguish associated with physical harm can be compensable. If you’re pursuing or defending against an independent emotional distress tort claim, it’s important to understand the applicable legal standards. Succeeding in an action for the intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress requires much more than evidence that the plaintiff was upset. To succeed on an intentional infliction tort claim, one must show that the defendant’s conduct was “extreme and outrageous.” Even someone looking to prove negligent infliction is required to demonstrate that the defendant should have realized that their conduct involved an unreasonable risk of causing emotional distress.

Contact a dedicated Connecticut civil litigation attorney

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